spend the holidays with your favorite city


St. Louis is a delightful place to get your holiday groove on. Let me tell you all abouts it.

Beside all of the parties you’ll be attending because I know you’re like, super popular, the city has so many things to offer! These are some of my picks: Continue reading

Gullible moth meets really suspicious flame.

Thing you might not know about me #3674: I have a love of the supernatural. I’m not even kidding. Ghosts, witches, past lives, The New Jersey Devil, The Loch Ness Monster, La Chupacabra, aliens, Greek mythology, Roanoke Island, astrology, Nostradamus etc etc. I can’t help it. I’m drawn to it. Gullible moth meets really suspicious flame. Oh and I REALLY love a good conspiracy theory. Oh boy. That’s the way to get to my heart. Oh AND I am super superstitious and I rely on Karma to explain many of life’s twists and turns. I know, I am a well-educated woman, but when I have mysterious bruises I can’t help but assume the dead are pinching me in the night because I haven’t been praying for them. (Also mom and I were discussing and I realized I left out angels. I believe in angels too.) Continue reading


Hey friends.

Happy Tuesday.  It’s time to vote for us again. Except this time, we only have SIX days to self-promote our way to stardom and local print-media domination.

 Dear Riverfront Times, You are our current victim. Love, SLS


Best Blog. First Question. www.stlsocialites.wordpress.com goes into the blank space. Done and done. Can’t wait for the party.

Please also vote for other spectacular things around the city for this “Best of List” while you’re at it. There are many things that are the best, aside from our blog, floating around this town. We’re happy to share the limelight.

Happy voting,


P.S. I promise to start writing again. But only if you vote. Love Love.

putting st.louis on the map

Maybe its just me. But in my brain, St. Louis is a big city. Almost every state has a big city – sometimes the capitol, sometimes not. However, I’ve come to realize that St. Louis is a small-big city. Its not even the biggest city in Missouri (I’m sure plenty of you knew that but I didn’t), though it is the largest “urban-metropolitan area”.

What I’m saying is, as a child I thought “Hey I live in St. Louis. People know where St. Louis is. People know where New York is, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, etc. And people know where St. Louis is.”

But do they? Continue reading

Oh shit, we’re caught on camera…and it’s on the internet…

We’ve made our film debut! And it’s in the St. Louis Magazine A-List Party VIDEO! Check out seconds 24-27 for our apperance on the red carpet.

(Don’t worry, to find this video on the real interwebs, you don’t have to turn OFF your Google safe search. In fact, keep it ON, always, especially if we’re involved…)