Dresses and Heels: Weather and Situation Blind

Modesty? I don’t have it. Upon meeting me, you’d probably figure that one out. This is due mostly to my fashion sense. Unless you met me at a formal banquet, you would automatically know there was something a bit off about my choice of attire.

I own approximately 365 dresses and 100 pairs of high-heeled shoes. And, because I have a dress for every day of the year, why not flaunt my prized wardrobe with countless pairs of 5-inch-zebra-printed stilettos? I don’t see any other reason but why not.

This means: dresses in heels in 10 degree weather, dresses and heels walking across campus, dresses and heels while playing sports, dresses and heels while political canvassing (I’ve yet to lose an election using this strategy), dresses and heels when everyone else is in their PJs. Don’t try to change me; it will never happen.

However, sometimes I will bust out jeans and flats –aka– as often as a UFO citing. The paparazzi usually arrives shortly thereafter.

Besides, who takes me seriously anyway?



At least I'm wearing a coat.

Oops, someone came over dressed to knock doors for Obama.

Oops, overdressed for Obama canvassing.


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