Socialite Ensemble Essential: The Cardigan

Some pretty swanky staples you can find at Express

Swanky staples you can find at Express!

Ah, the cardigan. When it comes to sweaters, every woman owns one, at least one. The black cardigan is an obvious must-have and can be worn all year-long. The white (or eggshell) cardigan is necessary for springtime and into the summer, and the grey cardigan masterfully transitions itself into fall. Now as a STL Socialite, one must own these basic cardigans plus many more in order to cement socialite status when out on the prowl. Red, bright yellow, mauve, leopard print, bedazzled like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vajayjay; give them to us! And give them to us now! However, as cardigan connoisseurs, the socialites have noticed in recent months a tragic cardigan lack thereof. But never to fret: the socialite Gods have answered our prayers and they are again EVERYWHERE. Hallelujah, my wardrobe is again saved!

Now you might ask, why is the cardigan so necessary for a St. Louis Socialite? Why not a pair of really nice black pumps or skinny jeans if we’re going to talk essential styles here?

First of all, cardigans scream classy. And that’s big. We’re not a bunch of skanky hos trying to showoff our goods whenever we go out, but rather the opposite. Now skanky-ho goods might be shown off eventually but that’s not the point. First impressions are everything. A woman wearing a cardigan says, “I’m nice, classy, unpretentious, and easy-going. Thank you.” Besides being a STL Socialite, I was in Kappa Kappa Gamma at Wash U, and if you know anything about Kappa Kappa Gamma at Wash U, a cardigan is a necessity. Remember, ladies, keep it classy and good things will come your way.

Grace Kelly. Goddess of the Cardigan.

Secondly, cardigans are perfect for expressing individuality because of their versatility in the categories of style, color, and pattern. Skinny jeans? Not so much. Kind of like a dress, a cardigan tells a lot about a woman’s fashion sense and personality without being too over or understated. And yes, I do own a bejeweled cardigan; a pink one at that. Jennifer Love Hewitt would be proud.

Also, cardigans go with everything. A nice cover-up for a pretty sundress in April, a snuggly essential with worn-in jeans, or just the finishing touch to a political power-suit combo, with a cardigan, you can’t go wrong. It’s pretty much near impossible. Cardigans can be dressed up, they can be dressed down.  And, if you wear the same cardigan strategically a few times in a row, no one will notice that you’re actually committing the crime of serial wardrobe on repeat. It’s all about how you flaunt, accessorize and pair that bad boy.

So, in conclusion, please check out some of these websites that offer a great selection of cardigans for relatively cheap prices. You’re going to want to save your money for a few nights on the town to show off your new find.  You can thank me later.






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  1. bling on the bing!! I love it!!!!!

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