4:00am Wisdom (Thanks, Daylight Savings)

I have insomnia. It’s been part of my life, for better or for worse, for most of my adult existence. In college, I stayed up writing, reading, cramming, or partying every night at least until 3am if not later, only to wake within 3-4 hours to do it all over again. Now, although I don’t have school work to fill the witching hours, I haven’t been able to shake my bad sleeping habits.

Winter it is the worst. I usually stay up until 5-6am, only to sleep until 8am, stay awake for an hour, then go back asleep, have some crazy dream, and wake at 10am. Spring and Summer it gets better, with my average slumber time around 3am. I wake up at 10am no matter what, unless I have to get up earlier. (If I had a real-person job I would DIE. Thank God for freelance and consulting, for this reason and this reason ONLY.)

So what do I do now that I’m out of school while everyone else is counting sheep? Here are a few examples:

*Drink lots of Diet Dr. Pepper. (Probably the cause of most of my insomnia but also the most delicious drink in the entire world. Aside from German beer.)

My Crack-Cocaine.

*Read copious amounts of literature. You should see my bookshelf.

Amazing. Must Read.

*Write, write, write. Usually on more critically acclaimed things, like what will get me into grad school, but tonight, hello, blog.

*Paint my nails.

Red was tonight's color of choice.

*Keep other insomniacs company via gchat and fb chat.

Does this image have a copywrite?

*Work I’ve put off.

*Hulu videos.

I pilfered this image. Haha, Hulu.

*Perfect epic plots to slowly take over the world.

See that crown? (I'm also 21 here. Baby Bing.)




One Response

  1. This post is tagged ‘vodka’ because there is vodka in those drinks, isn’t there? Hahahahah. Clever, Bing.

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