Fuck the World

I lost my phone. Either in a cab or at a bar or who knows where. I never lose my phone. EVER. My OCD makes sure I sleep with said phone. I’ve practically killed my phone in the past year by accidentally dunking it in various bodies of water. But I’ve never managed to ever lose trace of it. EVER. But last night, I managed to do as such. Great.

I was on a date, and knowing me, I sabotaged said date. By going home with his friend. And before then, calling my psuedo-boyfriend while on the date. In essence this is typical. I get extremely uncomfortably when things go well. When things go right. And when they do, I flip out. There has been only one significant other of mine who has recognized my pattern of masochism and I thanked him for it right after I drank myself into oblivion. And then I broke a mirror and pissed off my dearest friends. ANYWAY. Here’s the news flash: as much as I look like I have it all together (sometimes) I actually never do. I’m a great actress.

And I know I’m on my own soapbox here, but I hate politics. I hate everything about it. Well not everything, but I hate the politics of politics, aka the unnecessary bullshit. We’re all trying to get the same thing done, so let’s stop the semantics and hierarchies, shall we? Anywho, tomorrow I will get calls which I won’t receive about how awful my latest blog post was and how I need to learn to use discretion. Well hello, World, I’m a writer and I don’t give a flying fuck. This is what I do. It’s about time that I actually start living my life for me and not for you.



P.S. This rant is not directed to anyone inparticular but myself, so get off your high horse.

P.S.S. If you find my phone, please give it back.


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  1. YES.

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