Angela Bingaman

Don't let this pretty face fool you.


*24 year old Washington University graduate.
*Politico and keeper of St. Louis political gossip.
*Poet, fiction/non-fiction writer.
*Stuck between total sillyness and refined seriousness, a.k.a. bucking up and getting a PhD.
*Most often seen in dresses and heels, no matter what the weather.

*Expert on manatees, pizza, Taco Bell, female singer-songwriters, Charlotte Bronte, and having “We Didn’t Start the Fire”  by Billy Joel completely memorized.

*Also frequently surrounded by a zoo of men.

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One Response

  1. Found ya! I guess i’d be considered a part of the “zoo of men” surrounding you? 🙂 Just don’t make me the giraffe! Having a sore throat would be the death of me!

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